Thursday, December 07, 2006

I wanna be a "blogger"

No, really I do... but I am just not comfortable with myself I guess. There are so many things that I think and feel every day that should never be shared. Kind of ashamed of myself for thinking most of them. And right now the actual events of my life are so boring that no one would even want to read them. Suffice it to say, work sucked, I didn't get enough sleep, and Katie did the most adorable thing today! Now, just repeat that daily.
I am in my 4th week of working full time and I hate it hate it hate it! I get home from work, spend about 30 minutes with Katie (getting breakfast and sugar check and shot), and then I crawl off to bed when Chip gets up. Then I get a whole 5 hours of sleep if I am lucky. Chip heads off for work and I am in charge. Katie really has been pretty good overall. She cuddles on the couch and doesn't make me play hide-n-seek to much. She is bound to do or say something adorable each day. How can she help it, she is cuteness personified. Today, I found a new little tiny birthmark above her right hip. So very kissable!
I am hoping that once this routine becomes more ... routine ... then I will be able to get back into doing some of the stuff I love. Playing in my room with paper and scissors. Or heck, just doing anything crafty. It is cold outside which always puts me int he mood to crochet or quilt. And I am falling behind on my scrapjournal - that has to be remedied! I would hate to slack off when the year is almost done. My LSS just posted that they are looking for people interested in teaching, so i thought I might actually take my scrapjournal idea up and see what they think about a class. I may not be able to totally commit myself every month, but that would be a one (or two) time deal. Hmmm, guess that means I might have to get off my procrastinating tushy, huh ;)

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