Monday, December 11, 2006

Feeling useless

Katie woke up today feeling yucky, and has been all day. And somehow her being sick makes me feel sick and I just want to go crawl in bed beside her, but I know if I don't take a moment to myself then I will go crazy in the next few days. I really want to do some scrapping tonight. My monthly kit club - MoshPosh - is adding to their design team, and I want to try to get an entry together. Have to peruse my pics and see what I want to work with. Since it is a kit club it makes supply selection easy... I am going to use the December kit, which one the girls aptly described as "Blingalicious". Definitely has shine power! Gotta get some cute Xmas pics printed out and get to work. And I have to make 1 card, which shouldn't be too hard. I already have an idea drawn up for it.

We finally got the Christmas tree and put it up yesterday. And Chip put some of the icicle lights up today, starting to feel a whole lot more like Christmas here. Katie was super excited about helping put up ornaments. She made us look after she hung each one. She was ADORABLE ... as always. My favorite, She surrounded an Elvis ornament with 6 little victorian doll ornaments because she said they like him ... I am sure they would!! How adorable is that?? She loves Elvis as any good Southern girl should. Now we just need to do some Christmas shopping ...

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