Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Martha is a BAD influence!

Remind me, when I already have too much that I "should" be doing, not to pay attention to Martha!! Of course I mean Martha Stewart!! As much as I hate to admit it, that woman INSPIRES ME!! Why do I hate to admit it? I don't even know. Jealousy perhaps :) She has built an empire being CRAFTY! How awesome is that? Oh how I would absolutely love, love, love to be able to make a living being crafty. I could not be Martha though ... she has so much energy! She does more in one day than I could do in a week! I can't even keep up with the housework! Sure, I don't think that Martha is running around trying to mop her kitchen and pick up Polly Pockets, but she does so many other things!
... but I got off the subject.
Martha always inspires me to want to do something. Whether it is something she is doing on one of her shows, or if it is something that I just use as a leaping off point in my head, she makes me want to get out some craft stuff and play. I want to run to my sewing machine. I want to make candle molds! (I blame Martha for the fact I ate way too much cotton candy - it was in the perfect size plastic containers) I want to pull out paper, and glue, and paint. I want to get my hands dirty. I want to play and create until my brain is exhausted. That would not take too long considering I am half braindead from lack of sleep.
One of these days Martha, one of these days ...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

just thinking

I was blog hopping, thinking how wonderful it would be to live in all of these beautiful places that people post photos of ... when it hit me that I probably do live there! If I took the time to explore, if I took the time to really LOOK around me, then I just might live in that beautiful place. I spend so much time in the house, looking at a tv or a computer (or the huge mess that is my living room). I need to go OUT! I need to explore the areas around here. The little parks and gardens. The touristy areas of Memphis. The wonderful architecture that I am sure could be found with minimal effort just by being OUT. The gorgeous groups of plants and animals, fields and streams, PEOPLE!
And I think all the time as I am surfing around, reading about great finds and vintagey treasures that I should stop by my Goodwill or Salvation Army, hit some thrift stores, explore the antique/junk mall. Once a week I should make an excursion to one or more of these places.
Maybe if I got OUT of the house, explored the world around me. GOT MOVING! The pumping blood would kickstart my brain. Give me a creative jolt. Burning a few calories would be a good thing, too!!!
SO ... I am making a commitment to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!! Once a week, even if it is just to browse through a thrift store or walk around the park. And I am going to have my camera ready (not just tucked in my bag where I never pull it out to use)!! I will do this! I will learn to see the beauty that is around me, not just yearn for someone elses beauty!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It was stormy ...

so I turned off the computer and unplugged. Cleared out the closet under the stairs and settled in for some tense tv weather watching. We got so lucky and everything went around us. I was terrified that I would have my 5 year old and my (almost) 4 month old in a little coat closet under the stairs. Instead I got to play with crayons and paper and gel pens, OH MY :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

my first lady

I was surfing through blogland last night and got the sudden urge to paint ... which is how it always seems to happen. For some reason I enjoy painting by "blog light". This is how my little lady ended up looking in paint. Well, most of her. My scanner could not fit the whole thing and then I decided to play with my frames. I will edit later with a full pic of this little miss.