Sunday, February 10, 2008

just thinking

I was blog hopping, thinking how wonderful it would be to live in all of these beautiful places that people post photos of ... when it hit me that I probably do live there! If I took the time to explore, if I took the time to really LOOK around me, then I just might live in that beautiful place. I spend so much time in the house, looking at a tv or a computer (or the huge mess that is my living room). I need to go OUT! I need to explore the areas around here. The little parks and gardens. The touristy areas of Memphis. The wonderful architecture that I am sure could be found with minimal effort just by being OUT. The gorgeous groups of plants and animals, fields and streams, PEOPLE!
And I think all the time as I am surfing around, reading about great finds and vintagey treasures that I should stop by my Goodwill or Salvation Army, hit some thrift stores, explore the antique/junk mall. Once a week I should make an excursion to one or more of these places.
Maybe if I got OUT of the house, explored the world around me. GOT MOVING! The pumping blood would kickstart my brain. Give me a creative jolt. Burning a few calories would be a good thing, too!!!
SO ... I am making a commitment to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!! Once a week, even if it is just to browse through a thrift store or walk around the park. And I am going to have my camera ready (not just tucked in my bag where I never pull it out to use)!! I will do this! I will learn to see the beauty that is around me, not just yearn for someone elses beauty!


Karen Dinino said...

Your thoughts are SOOO true! So, I must know: have you started carting your camera about and taking pics of the simple beauty around you? Like...your own face? :-) Or even a crack in the sidewalk? If you have the camera with you, you feel dumb NOT taking a picture, so you start to see more. The problem is, if you think MARTHA is distracting, wait til you have 400 photos to look at....

Lori said...

i think you are absolutely right. when you take the time to look for the beauty, you find it all around you. :^)