Monday, November 27, 2006

Nothing Accomplished ...

I can't believe it is almost December! I have done nothing that I set out to do this year. Well, almost nothing. i kept up (almost) with my scrapjournal. But I barely even submitted anything to get published ... as in maybe two things. I have taken tons of pictures, but still have to get them developed. I have bought even more scrap supplies, and not used nearly as much. I am eating a bit better, and losing a little weight, but mainly because of the new schedule. And also because of the new fulltime work we are inching closer to paying off debt. But I have only worked two full weeks, so I do mean inching closer. And my house ... my house is an even BIGGER PIGSTY than it was at the beginning of the year (once again, working fulltime now). I am hoping that once my body adjusts to working the graveyard shift five days a week that I will be able to get more accomplished. Right now, I feel like I was ridden REALLY hard and put up REALLY wet! One month left ... procrastinating is done ... time to actually make some of those resolutions a reality!

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