Friday, April 18, 2008


Just decided to play with whatever was in reach at my desk. Started by painting the canvas black, then punched out circles from a few catalogs (DickBlick, Anthropologie, and Land of Nod). Drew some circles from a scrap of paper I had punched out the other day, which reminded me of beaded necklaces, which made me think of Magpies. The white is just layers of tissue paper put on with matte medium. Painted the magpie and glittered my beads. Oh, and the border is masking tape.
This is one of my favorite pieces so far. Not that I have any idea what I will do with it. May have no choice, my daughter requests everything I paint. I asked her why she wants everything I do, and her answer was simple "because I like it". I am glad that someone does :)

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