Monday, December 10, 2007

Creative Hiatus

And who knows when I will be back. I did complete a page last week, but it had taken me weeks to do. I just can't seem to grab more than a few moments in my room. I walk in, glue something down, or pull something out to use...and then I have to walk out.The glue dries, I get a fresh perspective on the new pieces ... but it really is not conducive to creating. At least not for me.
My scrapjournal did not make it this year. Pregnancy kicked my creative butt. I did nothing while I was creating life. Hopefully now that I have my wee man on the outside I will be able to think creatively. Though right now my mind is pretty braindead. Does not help that "my room" is so full of random crap from around the house that I can't even walk in to it. The crib is still in a box and taking up the tiny bit of space that was in my room. Poor little tiny cave. Guess I should be thankful that I have any space to call my own ...

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