Friday, January 04, 2008


I was surfing through crafty blogs and got a sudden bug up my butt to play with some paint. I have been spending a lot of time at Donna Downey's blog , Paulette Insall's blog , and just stumbled onto the Journal Revolution blog. I have been all over the web. Jumping from one blog to another. I just LOVE when people include a list of blogs they like!! Anyway, I decided to bust out some of the stuff that came with my new easel. So, I popped the top on some watercolors and acrylics and played. Learned something right away. When I finished my watercolor background I wanted to have some lighter spots, so I dribbled some water on the canvas and then lay a Bounty papertowel over it to absorb the excess ... made a really cool pattern! Oh, and I also learned that I have A LOT TO LEARN!! I am not exactly the most accomplished artist out there ... I just hope I am not the worst!!
Here is what I have so far :

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karen dinino said...

BE-autiful!!! Your art and your thoughts about art are perfect! As you create to the "BE" challenge, remember to begin by knowing you ALREADY ARE.
YOU ARE ART. YOU ARE CREATIVE. You are even 'an adult!' You will love the creations that flow from you when you see that they are already there, waiting to be expressed--you do not have to do anything to BE an artist and to BE beautifully you. You are there, seester. Own it.
~Karen Dinino