Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feeling, well BLAH ...

I have been feeling just yucky for the past couple of weeks. And it just doesn't seem to get better. Maybe not having a moment to myself is taking its toll on me. I haven't been in my "cave" in forever. i got about an hour in there a week ago, and did a few pages in my scrapjournal ... but I am so far behind that I am just fighting not to give up. I really loved how the last one turned out. I have been thinking about looking into trademarking the term "scrapjournal" and trying to come up with a way to market it. I was thinking I could make up a few of them and send them to a couple of the pros who have a "daily life" kinda style. I just really love my scrapjournal, can you tell. i love being able to flip through a totally completed album of last year, and relive the events. And "IF" I ever make it back into the cave for some actual creating then I have all kinds of journal prompts ready to go. Much less chance of forgetting details. I am still keeping up with my artjournal, though it is more journal than art. I just feel like I am getting nothing accomplished ... other than existing. Gotta CREATE something ... and I mean SOON!
Here are some pics of my angel bunny from the past few days ... wish I had time to scrap 'em!

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